Welcome to TheChrisBenton.com. As you will see, I will many times plug in “we” instead of “I” because my wife is a huge part of this with me. Even though I am the one speaking and writing most of the time, without her I could not do what I do. She is my rock and she helps me a ton to keep everything going so in a sense TheChrisBenton.com is “US”.

I decided to do this because it was time to brand me. So many people have told me over the years that I have inspired them or Sandy and i with our marriage have inspired them to do better in their marriage. I do not take that lightly. In fact it still humbles me because that is all I want my life to be is a vessel for God to use. Both Sandy and I feel the same way on this issue.

I never thought about doing anything like this but it just made sense to me as I was looking into the future. I was starting to see myself get branded on facebook so I thought is there a future in that because so many people talk about having to brand yourself. The more I thought about this the more I realized how true.

I changed a Facebook & Twitter page to this new idea. I am glad I have done that since people have seem to love this idea. I realized now was the time to build this site so that I can have something for people to go to online.

I will eventually do weekly podcast called “Inspired Monday’s”. Once we get those off the ground then I will be adding 2 more podcasts to the mix. One will be called “Inspired Christianity” and the other will be called “Inspired Marriage” and Sandy and I will do this one. Eventually we will probably do video or periscope but for now they will be podcasts as we get started on all this.

By the way, this site and what we do will be more than just podcasts. I will write blogs, books and eventually do seminars based around this philosophy. In my blog, I will write on God, Family, Business & Attitude. Those 4 things will be at more core as I write. I do so many blogs in different areas so this site will help me pull it all together so that I can be more organized in what we are trying to do.

I believe this concept describes me completely. As I listen to others speak, the ones that touch me the most are the ones who are who inspired. Those are the kinds of speakers I aspire to become like. I want to be able to inspire others. I will be learning to develop my personality here because although I want to aspire to be like them, I also know I can only be a first class me!

Below are a few of the kinds of podcasts that I will be doing over time:

Inspired Mondays“, I will talk mostly about business & attitude with some God mixed in of course because without the right attitude you will never go far in life. Your attitude will determine your altitude in your life. There are no shortcuts when it comes to this. Either you do the work or you will stagnate in life.

Inspired Christianity“, I will talk about some of the things it takes to live whole-heartily for God. Many times people will just need a little nudge to change their lives and when it comes to spirituality, sometimes people need a push and that will be what these will be.

Inspired Marriage“, Sandy and I will talk bout some of the things that we have done to stay strong within our marriage. We will hit points that people don’t think about. Many people do not realize how much work having a strong marriage really is but in reality if you aren’t working on your marriage everyday then you are actually falling behind. Its our job as your coach to push you beyond how you think about marriage and help you see how to live at a higher level than you currently are.

As you see, we are hoping that each of these podcasts will help improve your life. We want to help you reach new levels in life in every area of your life and if you will open your mind and hearts, we can for sure help you get there!

Here is the story of how Sandy & I met. As you read this, you will realize that we have far from an average story that started back on 2/2/2002:

Beginning of 2001, I (Chris) was going through a tough time with life in general. Nothing was going right from money, to love to friends. I have always loved motivational quotes so I was searching some inspirational sites and didn’t find much that I like. I thought to myself that I probably could build a better site than 95% of these that I looked at.

On April 15, 2001 I launched Inspiration 4 Everyone. It was only going to be maybe a 10 page site with nothing but quotes on it. As I started getting visitors to the site,a I started getting many people tell me to add this and add that so I started adding more sections. The site started to grow faster than I realized would happen.

Around September of 2001, I found this Christian Singles Site. They had a free 14 day trial so I thought I would try it for the free trial and drop it because I was really cheap back then. After the 14 days, I thought to myself that I really do like this but didn’t want to pay for it. I asked, mmmmm how can I get this for free? I always try and think outside the box. Well I saw that they had an affiliate program so I emailed them and asked if I became a part of their affiliate program will they throw in a free membership to their site? All they could say was yes or no. They emailed me back and said “They have never done that before but would consider depending on my sites traffic”. I let them know that the site was up less than 6 months and had over 35,000 visitors within that time. They told me to make the account and they would do that.

Well February 02, 2002, I was looking for someone to chat with. I found Sandy on that day. Here are 2 funny things that make this a thin line we met on. First, I only chatted with people who had pictures on their profiles, guess what? She didn’t. The other thing is, she was only on that site because she got an email saying she had a message on that site. She just deleted the message and was logging off as I messaged her (Thank God I caught her before she logged off).

We talked on the phone 2 days later on February 4th. We set a wedding date on February 18th (People thought we were crazy). We met in person on March 4th of 2002. Yes, we might have been a little crazy. Yes we set the wedding date before we met in person. Guess what? We did get married on the day we set which was October 5th, 2002 and still together today!

So our whole life together  the internet has played a part!

Chris Benton