Stay Away From Toxic People!

This might not sound Christian-Like but this is more Christian than you realize. I am not talking about people who just have a few problems, I am talking about people who whine about everything. They put others down all the time including you. There is nothing you do that they like. You know the kind of people I am talking about. The kind that energizes the room when they leave.

These kind of people will destroy you. You have to look out for you and your family and by staying around these people, it will eventually rub off on you so then you bring this kind of attitude home to your family.

Let’s hope this person isn’t your spouse! If it is, I am not telling you to leave your spouse. You just have a lot of work to do then. Remember, you made a vow to them and to God to be with this person.

But if this person is not your spouse, then you have to stay clear of them. Their attitude will destroy you in so many ways. Their life will become yours no matter how much you try to help. They will pull you down every chance they get.

I know some people are going to not agree with what I am saying on this blog entry but these people will bring you down. I know many people who have tried to prove that wrong who now realize how bad things can get even though they are trying to help.

I know people that lost everything because of trying to help the wrong people. Now if you feel in your heart that God is telling you to help these people then go for it but stay cautious so that it doesn’t rub off on you.

I honestly believe that God wouldn’t take someone strong and have them help this kind of person until this person realizes they need help. Until this kind of person realizes that they need help there is not much you can do.

So what are you to do? That is up to you but be forewarned what can happen. I have seen these people hurt so many people in my lifetime which is only 40 years. I have watched so many people get brought down and now you have two people acting the same way.

Again, don’t hear me wrong on this, I am not talking about people who just need some help. Those people usually know they need help. I am talking about people who blame everything and everyone for their current circumstances. They never take any responsibility for their actions. It is always someone else’s fault that their life turned out bad.

They have never really grown up from their childhood. They play dirty tricks on people and laugh. They love it when they see people fall. They just get a kick out of other people’s misery. As they say misery loves company and they are looking for others who believe like they do so they both can wallow together.

These people have no passion in their life so they want to take your passion away. As you tell them about your ideas, they will tell you every reason why your idea will not work. They can’t say good things about anyone because their EGO gets in the way.

They have to show that the world is against them so that they can justify their life. They are very miserable people and you know it as soon as you get around them. They need attention from others whether it is good or bad attention and will do anything it takes in order to get that.

They play with fire all the time. They resort to many lows including messing with others’ spouses in order to feel good about themselves. They are just people who come into your life and take every breath you have. They steal what passion you may have then spit back at you!

I hope after all of that you get the kind of person I am saying to stay away from if you want to live a solid life. In order to have a life full of passion and purpose, you have to be careful who you spend most of your time with. If you have any of these people in your life, be sure to steer them away before they take you to their level.

Be Inspired or Be Left Behind,

Chris Benton

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